Quality fittings and installation

Quality fittings and installation

The performance of a solar PV system is down to more than just daylight, a well chosen site and top quality panels.

At Mosscliff Environmental Ltd we ensure that every element of the important panel mounting system for our Schott thin film PV panels and the electrical set-up are especially selected for reliability and performance, optimising your thin film PV system and reducing the need for future maintenance.

Our installation price will have no hidden extras. We have a significant reputation for designing, supplying and installing quality solar PV systems to a consistently high level of workmanship. Our comprehensive PV systems include:

Solar photovoltaic thin film panels

Mounting System Electrical systems
  • Retaining clips
  • PV mounting rails of varying lengths
  • Connectors (screw, bolts, washers etc.)
  • Roof anchors for different tiles
  • Flat roof brackets
  • Cruciform kits
  • Solar Module Inverter
  • Fire proof board
  • DC and AC isolators
  • Cable Glands
  • OFGEM generation meter
  • DC cable plugs and sockets
  • Padlocks
  • Warning signs
  • Lead roof grommets

Schott Protect ASI thin film PV panels are amongst the toughest PV panels in production and offer even more protection against environmental influences. The Schott thin film technology offers double glazed modules which ensure steady, high performance and longevity.

At Mosscliff Environmental Ltd we only use quality fixtures, fittings and well-sized, efficient and cosmetically acceptable panels from a selection of manufacturers.

We have tried and tested the products ourselves. Our research and product appraisals are ongoing, paying close attention to performance, reliability, and above all, value for money.