PV Panels

Our PV Panels – thin-film PV Technologies

Thin film PV modules are a new generation of solar PV panels which can achieve higher renewable energy yields and improved levels of efficiency over standard silicon photovoltaic technologies such polycrystalline PV panels.

The thin film PV panels are extremely resistant, have a longer guaranteed lifetime and are very competitively priced, but lifetime PV systems do require a greater surface area to achieve the same power rating as standard silicon PV modules.

For this reason, thin film PV systems are particularly suited to farming, industrial or commercial environments where large surface areas are more readily available.

The renewable energy you can rely on

Thin film PV systems have the following prime benefits beyond standard silicon (e.g. polycrystalline) PV modules:

  •     Higher performance in diffuse light or cloudy conditions
  •     Improved levels of efficiency at higher temperatures
  •     18% higher electricity yields
  •     30 year power guarantee, providing greater energy security
  •     Competitively priced systems