Our thin film PV products

Our thin film PV products

Thin film panels can be sited on roofs, walls or as free-standing, ground-mounted units. Panels can be ‘on-grid’ ie. connected to the grid where available, or used to charge a battery bank for ‘off-grid’ applications.

As East Anglia’s leading supplier and installer of solar photovoltaic systems, Mosscliff Environmental Ltd  is a long-established partner in the delivery of large scale renewable energy systems and one which will be here to look after your investment well into the future. Our thin film PV systems are selected only from top manufacturers and use industry-leading technologies which have undergone rigorous testing.

Schott Protect ASI 105(105W)

Stable high energy output for a quicker return on investment

A strong and rugged design make these panels perfect for installation in harsher environments.

High performance even in diffused light conditions, high temperatures, poor panel ventilation and even non ideal panel orientation – Up to 18% more yield than conventional crystalline modules