Double glazed structure

Double glazed structure

72 amorphous silicon solar cells per panel

Homogeneous surface and black frame

Long term stability of encapsulation – high resistance to UV radiation, extreme temperatures and weather

30 years’ linear performance guarantee

Ammonia and salt corrosion resistance as standard

Suitable for on-grid systems

Size: 1,308 x 1108 x 35 mm

Weight: 20.8 kgs

Sanyo’s Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer (HIT) solar panel is a hybrid between a standard solar panel and thin film module.

  •     High quality and performance panel
  •     Compact design with industry leading efficiencies of 18%
  •     Anti reflection glass

Unrivalled panel size to output ratio making this panel the perfect choice for small available spaces

  •     High efficiencies even under high temperatures
  •     Ammonia and salt corrosion resistance as standard
  •     Size 1.610mm x 861mm x 35mm
  •     Weight 17.5kg