Top Tips on Making Your Office Environmentally Friendly

Making small changes to your office to be more sustainable is not only beneficial to your office, but to the environment. As people are becoming more aware, we are interested in improving our environmental credentials and here’s how to improve your office.

Properly Managing Your Waste

It is important that you have signs around the office on how to reduce waste. For example, when printing, have clear notifications to print/copy double sided, therefore less paper being used. Take a look.

Remember to recycle all used paper and used ink cartridges. This prevents more waste from going to the landfill and they can be cut down and used again. Have numerous recycling bins dotted around the office for people to use. See information here.

If you are looking to remove your office waste in a sustainable manner, we recommend Diamond Waste. Their eco-friendly office services are available same day, next day or at a time that suits you.

Hire a Sustainable Cleaning Company

You may already have a cleaning company, but it is important to check that they are environmentally friendly and aren’t using chemicals that harm the environment.

If your office is based in the South London area such as Croydon, we recommend Veri Clean. This company has decades of experience in the industry and will offer services that are tailored to your requirements. Ask them about their environmentally friendly services too.

Becoming Aware of Electricity Usage

Make sure your staff are aware of ways of using less power and create a clear system for employees to use. Click here for tips.

Encourage staff to switch off lights and equipment when they are not in use, for example on their lunch break and when they leave the premises.

When your air conditioning system is on, make sure that windows and doors are all kept closed. This prevents more power being used to cool the room.