The Benefits of Living in a Green Home

As we continue through the 21st century, more government policies and incentives are focusing on our carbon footprint and green living.

With the government aiming to build 300,000 new homes a year by the mid-2020s, coupled with the chancellor announcing a green standard policy for new builds, we look at some of the benefits when it comes to living in a green home.


Reduced Bills

One of the key benefits that will directly affect the lives of homeowners will be the reduced level of bills. For those living in older homes that aren’t correctly insulated, electricity and heating bills can be incredibly costly.

Furthermore, innovative systems such as solar panels and smart heating controls give homeowners more control over how energy is used around their property. What is the best smart thermostat?


Less Maintenance Required

Homes built to a high green standard generally use materials that are more durable whilst having little effect on the environment during their manufacturing process. Materials such as rubber roofs are a great way to promote a green standard of living.


These types of materials generally require little to no maintenance during their lifetime and have been built to last for decades.


Improved Air Quality

Green homes are built with materials that haven’t gone through a chemical process. Some materials undergo a finish that involves environmental pollutants that can affect the air quality in your home.

With homes built with eco-friendly materials, you’ll be free from chemicals in your home, which will create a safer, healthier environment and fantastic air quality. 11 ways to improve indoor air quality.


Increased Home Value

As new generations move into the world of property buying, the desire for green features means that prospective buyers are prepared to have an increased offer. Property buyers are willing to pay more upfront when it comes to securing a green home.

By purchasing or building a green home, you’ll truly be investing in your future whilst living in your own green one. With lower running costs, a number of health benefits and reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll be reaping the green benefits of an eco home.