Do you love coal?

We are dedicated to stopping the extraction and burning of coal in both Telford, Shropshire and the rest of the UK
Coal and Climate Change 2015

Climate change is the greatest issue the UK faces; burning coal is the single biggest threat to the climate.

It makes sense that coal needs to stay in the ground. It’s quite astonishing that in spite of this there are plans to dig up 900,000 tonnes of coal from the foot of the Wrekin and burn it in climate-wrecking power stations.

So you_love coal?

Household gas and electricity prices in the UK have risen 10-20% in the summer of 2011.

It is where energy, climate change and bare-knuckle street politics collide: soaring household electricity and gas bills. And so it’s no surprise that prime minister David Cameron has been taking a keen interest and received a briefing from his new, ex-BP, adviser Ben Moxham.

Coal is the largest single cause of climate change. Half the carbon dioxide
humans have ever emitted is from burning coal.