Solar Power part 1

Solar Power

Action points during implementation include:

  • Has a test design first been produced and evaluated?
  •  Integrating the location of the PV system into the standard construction process.
  • Evaluating the installations via inspections during the construction phase and monitoring the system after installation (before acceptance).
  • Monitoring the system once it is in use, to evaluate its functionality. This is usually required by the organisation providing the subsidy.
  •  Management and ownership of the installation.
  • Integrating into the construction process/feasibility

Since PV technology is still being developed, implementation requires particular care. The construction process should take into account the fact that many installations incorporate innovative aspects, that quality guarantees (at system level) are not yet automatically available and that third parties (energy utility or subsidy organisation) sometimes retain the right to influence the design and placement of the installation.

The financial category often determines the feasibility. In the cheaper market segments there is little budget leeway for special solutions and the budgetary conditions are very strict. This means a simple, clear shape and optimal orientation for rooftop PV applications.

However, more flexible budgets may allow design solutions to be found for situations where the town planning conditions are not ideal. This can also be a partial consideration for using certain financial categories in specific locations. Continue reading