Top Tips on Making Your Office Environmentally Friendly

Making small changes to your office to be more sustainable is not only beneficial to your office, but to the environment. As people are becoming more aware, we are interested

Why Do We Need Microgeneration?

Why Do We Need Microgeneration? Microgeneration helps to combat climate change. The Climate Change Act 2008 includes a legally binding target of at least 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions

The Micropower

The lack of progress by Government on implementing the changes to the building regulations in part L may seriously undermine investor confidence. We welcome the announcement that DCLG will publish

Solar Power part 3

Ownership There are generally two possibilities regarding ownership in PV projects: – The energy utility owns the installation. – The owner or occupier of the building owns the PV installation.

Solar Power part 2

Organisation during construction for solar Up to now it has been accepted that PV installations are implemented outside of the normal building process. Installations are fitted directly by PV suppliers

Solar Power part 1

Solar Power Action points during implementation include: Has a test design first been produced and evaluated?  Integrating the location of the PV system into the standard construction process. Evaluating the

Do you love coal?

We are dedicated to stopping the extraction and burning of coal in both Telford, Shropshire and the rest of the UK Coal and Climate Change 2015 Climate change is the